ABC Fitness Solutions API Reference

The following resources can be used to access club information:

  • Members and Prospects: Agreement and personal information on existing members and prospects
  • Clubs: Details on a club's workstations, campaigns, etc.
  • Calendars: Information on a club's events, event types, etc.
  • Employees: Employee information, including availability and certifications.


See answers to frequently asked questions regarding ABC Fitness' API and web services.


For services that call a secured endpoint, OAuth is required. You will need a valid access token corresponding to the memberId, as well as Basic Authentication consisting of your client id and client secret registered with our OAuth server.

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To begin the process of accessing club information, you must have a Club Manager or Level 3 Manager fill out and submit the Client Data Release Authorization Form. This form must include the ABC-maintained club numbers for the clubs you wish to access.

Note: This document has been updated as of February 2019.