Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

What protocol and architectural style does ABC Financial (ABC) use for web services?

ABC Financial uses HTTPS protocol using Representational State Transfer (REST) architecture. This protocol ensures an encrypted secure HTTP connection between the client and server over the insecure internet.

What endpoint should vendors use to access ABC Financial's web services?

The endpoint to use when accessing ABC Financial’s RESTful Web Services is

Getting Started

How does a vendor gain access to a club's information?

A Client Data Release Authorization Form must be filled out by the Club Manager or Level 3 Manager and submitted to ABC Financial in order for vendors to access the club's information.

The Club Number (Entity ID) provides the one level of authorization needed for accessing a club’s data. The club number is a four-digit whole number that uniquely identifies an ABC Financial club. ABC Financial is responsible for establishing and maintaining club numbers. For a particular web service request, the club number limits the response to include only data from the specified club. An incorrect club number will trigger a response of Not Authorized. This value indicates that authorization is required before access to this club's data will be allowed. ABC Financial will provide appropriate club numbers.

How does a vendor authenticate when accessing web services?

All HTTPS Requests are authenticated with an Application ID and Key that is allocated to vendors by ABC. ABC assigns and maintains these credentials. The Application ID and Key credentials are transmitted through Basic Access Authentication. The Application ID and Key credentials are appended together and encoded with the Base64 algorithm. If you are not an Integrated Partner, please click here to get started.


How does ABC Financial organize its API resources?

ABC Financial organizes its resources in the following clusters for ease of use by developers:

  • Member
  • Prospect
  • Club
  • Calendar

Other Information


The API supports pagination and has a flexible model supporting it. By default, the requests will return a single page with a maximum of 5,000 results. You can change the number of results returned and the page to return through URL parameters. The “size” parameter indicates the number of results in a page up to a maximum of 5,000 and the “page” parameter indicates which page you are requesting.

For more detailed information, please click here to see our latest Forum response on Pagination.


It is recommended that vendors posting prospect information to the ABC database include an address. If the state field is not included in the POST body, the prospect will be entered with a default state of ‘AK’.